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Nordmad Group

And satisfaction
above all else

Import of staple products
Export of local products

The challenge

Our challenge is to provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers.
Thanks to the exceptional quality of our products, our demand is constantly increasing every year.

The commitment

We are to participate actively in our country’s economic life while having as main mission to share worldwide the wealth of our great island.


The NORDMAD group had been created in November 2015 by Mr PAOUAN Emilio. Its current headquarters are in Vohemar, a town in the northwest of Madagascar.

This group operates in two sectors of activity : import of staple products and export of local products that the island has to offer.

Therefore, the group is known through its two companies: NORDMAD COMPANY and NORDMAD PRODUCT which participate actively in the region’s economic development.

Present in the world of trade and agriculture, the group is well known all over the region despite its young age. In only five years of operation, the group has grown from 5 to 150 permanent employees.

It is a great pride for the group founder to participate actively in his region’s economic life, creating and sustaining more jobs.

The founder

Coming from a family specialized in trade, Mr. PAOUAN Emilio was always interested in purchasing and resaling general goods and building materials.

At the term of his studies, he decided to launch into the adventure and created his own first company that he named NORDMAD COMPANY.

From the top of his 24 years, this young businessman is very ambitious. He saw the large potential and riches his region can offer and decided to explore these horizons.

One year later, he diversified his activity giving rise to NORDMAD PRODUCT. Thanks to this second company, he could share the wealth of his island all over the world.

“See always higher” is the leading motto of this young businessman.

Discover the two companies :